General Questions

1. Whos is the Developer of Evergreen Estate and Where is Evergreen Community Housing Estate?
Answer: Legacy Homes and Properties, Ltd. is the developer and Evergreen Community Housing Estate is Located in the New GRA, Taoheed Road  Budo-Osho, Ilorin
2. How far is the site to the city?
“Your house can never be too far from you”. The site is about 10 minutes drive to the government house in G.R.A. depending on the traffic. The entire estate and home plans are designed around simple quality of life decisions that all homeowners make from young families willing to endure a 10-20 minutes-commute in exchange for a safe environment and quality living to newlywed and matured clientele. The estate comprises of business centers, organized open-spaces for relaxation, convenient store, recreational facilities and multi-purpose hall suitable for entertainment, maintenance crew to maintain common areas, there is a police station situated less than one kilometer from the site and there will be 24-hour security personnel on- site. 
3. Is access to Evergreen public?
No, Evergreen is a private gated community. Access would be totally controlled by our discrete but skilled 24-hr security.
4. What are the plot sizes for the homes offered by Legacy Homes at Evergreen Estates?
The average plot size for each home is approximately 1500M². Some plots may be slightly larger or smaller depending on the house model type being built. There are also plots available for sale ranging from 450-1500 Square Meters. Please see the site plan for more detail about the available plot sizes and shapes. The overall size of Evergreen is about 45 Acres.
5. What makes Legacy Homes & Properties group different from other estate developers?
Legacy Homes and Properties, Ltd.  consists of professionals (Engineers, Developers & Investors) with many years of experience in the United States, dedicated to development projects. LHP doesn’t just build a dream home to meet our client’s demands, but we also develop a relationship that lasts after the houses are completed. We understand the difficulty in raising funds for each property so we make sure that our clients get more home for their money. Building homes is our passion, our work ethic is unmatched and we strive to earn our client’s trust. Our homes are well designed and are part of an overall community that is structured to improve the quality of life of our clients.
6. What makes Evergreen Estates different from other properties in Kwara State?
Evergreen Community Housing provides many standard features that we see as a necessity. We also believe in providing a fully completed home that is ready for occupancy the day the buyer finalizes their purchase. Many of our standard features are optional features for other developers. We offer Pre-wiring for TV outlets and a state of the art electronic security system in each house are also items not offered by many competitors without additional cost. Each house will be connected to the main gatehouse with an intercom system so that visitors can be screened and announced to our residents, before they are granted entrance into the community. Neighborhood Security, Landscaping, Trash/ Garbage removal, General grounds-keeping and maintenance services will be performed under the direction of the Estate Management. These among others makes Evergreen Estates “Simply Better” Buying property at Evergreen does not only implies having a place to live or enjoying many different amenities it offers, but it is also an investment. It means the highest capital gain, the better investment you’ll make. Capital gain and rate of return on investment are key factors when buying at Evergreen. Land in this area (New GRA) is becoming more and more expensive due to the necessary infrastructures being provided by the Government. Properties at Evergreen are expected to appreciate up to 15% in a single year when the project is completed.
7. Who will manage Evergreen?
Evergreen is going to be managed by a reputable Estate Management Company.
8. What are some of the services the property management will be responsible for?
They will be responsible for managing our 24-hour on-site professional security service, landscape maintenance, common green areas, Garbage disposal and the overall site management. Private areas are the responsibility of respective property owners. For an additional fee, additional maintenance services are available. However, each plot in Evergreen Community Estate would be governed by a Homeowners Association (HOA). The association has rules and regulations that are designed to help preserve the integrity and value of each home in the community. The HOA will be governed by a board of directors that is elected by majority vote of the homeowners.
9. Why does Evergreen Estates need a Homeowners Association?
Evergreen Estates is a planned community that offers many amenities that are not available to land owners that own a single isolated lot. By establishing a HOA, each owner gets the benefit of the amenities at a shared cost that is much lower than could be achieved on their own. For example, a gated and staffed security entrance with telephone intercom to each home to control access to the community can offer more peace of mind. Trash removal services and care of the streets and sidewalk landscaping are other benefits to each resident. Provision for a community recreational center and pool has been made if the majority of homeowners want to establish it in the future.
10. What does the HOA do?
The HOA has rules that are designed to limit or prevent certain activities within the community. For example there are rules that prevent the raising of livestock within Evergreen Estates and rules defining the upkeep of common areas such as streets and trash removal. There are also regulations regarding additions and alterations made to the exterior of each home to make sure changes are done in a manner that is consistent with the original buildings and that ensure that alterations are finished within predefined timeframes. These regulations are designed to prevent an unsightly construction project from extending on for years without being finished. Each prospective purchaser is given a copy of the complete set of community guidelines that is included with their purchase agreement package before they commit to buy a home or land in Evergreen Estates.
11. Does Evergreen have public water?
Yes, we get water from the Kwara State government as well as bore well water, to ensure constant and uninterrupted water supply.

house matters

12. Can I build myself or choose my own builder?
Yes you can build by yourself or choose your own builder. However, your custom design must be approved by the management team to insure that the Estate retain the quality and harmony that our residents are looking for. 
13. Can I change the layout of the house?
We are very flexible with making interior adjustments to the floor plan to suite your needs as long as the exterior designs and roofline are not affected. We can also design your own house to meet specific requirement; subject to an approval from the Town Planning Department and its applicable associated fees.
14. What are the utilities available to each home?
Evergreen Estate is a gated community. All houses are provided with the following utilities:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Wiring for T.V., Telephone and High Speed Internet
  • Tarred Roads
  • Walkways
  • Effective Drainage
  • And many more
15. Can I paint my house any color?
You are free to paint the inside of your house any color you like from the available paints we offer. The exterior must remain in harmony with the other houses.
16. Do I get builder guarantee?
Yes, the developer, Legacy Homes and Properties, Ltd. and the builder will give you one year written limited guaranteed on the construction. It covers things such as building structure, Foundation, Electrical system, roof, Septic system, Concrete, Property drainage, Windows, Doors, Plumbing, Painting, and Flooring.
17. Can I be sure you'll finish my home and that the quality meets my expectations, after I have deposited my money? And how long will it take to build my home?
The option of installment payments is to guarantee that the standard and quality as established in our contract would be strictly adhere to. You or your agent (POA) will only release the funds (additional installment) after the supervising engineer has approved the construction to that stage. The site engineer will meet with you or your representative at every construction interval for an approval before advancing to the next stage of construction. The project manager will also be on ground to monitor every stage of the construction for the purpose of maintaining the standard established by Legacy Homes.
18. What is the time it takes to complete the construction of each house?
Legacy Homes is committed to providing the best available products to complete each house. The average delivery period is 6 to 12 months depending on the terms of payment and the type of house. For cash payment, homes will be completed in less than nine months.
19. Can I resell my house?
Yes you can. Our on-site real estate agents are experts in Ilorin real estate market and are definitely best prepared to resell your home for a mere 5-10% commission. You may even decide to lease it to a reasonable tenant. Better yet, you can use your house as a collateral for business loan.
20. Are there pictures of your houses available?
Yes there are photos of our model homes and other features of our community on our website under the NEWS & UPDATES page.

purchasing and closing

21. What are the terms of my payment?
For more information on the buying steps and financing, please refer to the “How To Apply” section of our website. To get started you need to complete our purchase application either online or print it out and complete it then mail it to us. There are two ways to pay for a Evergreen Estate:

Mortgage Loan

  • Legacy Homes and Properties, Ltd will issue an offer letter.
  • Applicant will pay the required 20% deposit and obtain a mortgage application from your mortgage institution or
  • Use one of our preferred lenders (Legacy Homes will assist in the process but Legacy Homes does Not provide financing).
  • After processing and/or approval and completion of construction, the mortgage institution will make the required payment of the balance owed on applicants behalf and grant you occupation and possession after the required mortgage documents have been executed.

Cash Payment by installment

  • Purchaser pays 25% deposit of the total cost of the house before allocation and commencement of the construction period.
  • Purchaser shall pay 25% when Ground floor lintel level is reached.
  • Purchaser shall pay 25% when roofing is installed and finishing stage.
  • Purchaser shall pay 25% when construction is completed.
  • The purchaser shall take possession and occupation upon final payment of the house.
  • Application fee is N25,000 
22. Can I bring my own attorney?
Usually, the buyer engages the services of a lawyer to provide any necessary legal services.
23. What are the conditions for sale of a house?
Legacy Homes will be committed when 25% of the purchase price of the house is deposited. A sales agreement shall be executed between Legacy Homes and the Purchaser, Legacy Homes shall execute a Deed of Conveyance with the purchaser upon receipt of the full payment of the house. Purchaser should also budget an estimated additional fee of 3% of the total price of the house to cover closing costs such as the preparation and execution of the Deed and eventual Registration of the Deed Conveyance/Titling, Utility meter deposits, Attorney fees etc.
24. What do I do if I'm only interested in a complete home for sale?

One of the best rewards for working hard is that you can afford the things that you really like, so naturally, you’ll want your most considered purchase, your home, to reflect your individual taste. There is no way you can get that from a house that has already been erected.

Legacy Homes offer the options of choosing the style of homes from our designs or you can bring your own design, and you also have the opportunity of selecting from our wide range of interior fittings. Your new home will be stamped with your personality from the very beginning. You’re free to specify color, décor, and style to create an atmosphere where living is easy and comfortable. We also invite you to pay for those extra touches that will set your home apart from others. Our consultant will provide you with details of options available.

25. Is there a community center or community swimming pool at Evergreen estate?
We have planned a clubhouse/commercial complex with a swimming pool and proposed day care center. The facility will be also be available to residents for social events such as weddings and parties. The proposed rendering can be viewed on the House Prices section of our website.


[/expand] 1, What are he conditions for acquiring land in the new GRA at Evergreen Estate?

  • Land Application Form: N25,000 (Required at the time of application) Non–Refundable
  • DEVELOPMENT LEVY/ELECTRICITY CONNECTION FEES: N250,000 (Required at the time of development)
  • The property must be developed within six (6) months from allocation date
  • Applicant may select style of homes from many of Legacy’s approved Models or your custom design must be approved by Legacy’s Management team.
2, When will my plot(s) be allocated to me?
Immediately after 100% payment

3, What do I get after the 100% Payment for the Land? Sales Receipt, Allocation letter, Registered Deed of Conveyance (Sales Agreement), Estate Rules and Regulations 

4, What type of TITLE does Legacy Homes and Properties Limited have on the land?
Global Certificate of Occupancy

5, Can I get a TITLE document in my own name?
 Yes, you can. Legacy homes will issue a Deed of Assignment after the land has been fully developed. The registration and perfection of the deed with the Bureau of land is your responsibility.

6, Whe can I start construction and is there any time limit to commence construction on my land?
You can start Building on the Land after Physical Allocation and full Payment of land and the Stipulated Development levy. Also, There is no set rule on Commencement of work, however, the State Government typically required that the land must be developed within six months from the allocation date.

7, Can I Re-Sell my Plot/Property?
 A subscriber can resell His/her Property. However, a Letter of notice of ownership transfer should be written to LEGACY HOMES

6,If I pay outright payment for my plot(s) and I’m no longer interested, can I get a refund?
Yes, you can get a refund however, there is a strict 30% Administrative Fee.

6,If I was on the installment payment plan and cannot continue with the payment, Can I get refund?
Yes, you can get a refund however, there is a strict 30% administrative fee

6 Can I Pay Cash to your Agent/Consultant?
No, all Payment should be made directly into LEGACY Homes and Properties, Ltd.’s account. A/c Name: LEGACY HOMES AND PROPERTIES, LTD. BANK NAME: POLARIS BANK, LTD. A/c Number: 17711080446 

Please contact us with further questions.