About Us

ceoLegacy Homes is the brainchild of Mr. Dapo Amosun, Founder and Chairman /Chief Executive Officer. He is supported by a professional Management Team and an efficient workforce.

Legacy Homes’ success begins with the quality of its leadership based on set of standards for excellence that is carried through the company CEO Dapo Amosun and the executives in charge of each business unit. With an average tenure of over 15 years, the executive team is committed to providing clients, partners and investors with the highest quality products and services in the industry.

Company History

Legacy Homes & Properties Ltd., a division of AMOSUN INVESTMENTS LTD., was formed exclusively to assist in the economic and social development of emerging nations, which proposes the development and construction of MASTER PLANNED COMMUNITIES consisting from 500 (minimum) and up to 5,000 multiple family dwellings in a cooperative effort or joint venture between the state and or federal government and where applicable, State Housing Authority, or with private indigenous companies engaged in affordable housing

Legacy Homes & Properties Limited is a private company delivering well-planned housing estates, environmentally friendly and affordable in price. Legacy Homes Limited will be Nigeria’s front-runner in real estate development. Since 1999, the company has established housing estates in United States with a total housing capacity over 1500 units, most of which target the upper and middle-income earners.

Legacy Homes & Properties Ltd is a proud member of the Real Estate Development Association of Nigeria

Photo Gallery

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Mr. Olayinka Amosun, Director of Operations shaking hands with the General Manager of Niger State Housing Corporation after signing the MOU to construct 1000 housing units under public private partnership program. Legacy Management team with the legal advisor after  signing ceremony of the MOU to construct 1000 housing unit under public private partnership program.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Buildings of superior quality and architectural merit backed by responsive, professional management, attract better buyers, tenants, and retain their value despite the ups and downs of the real estate market.

Our Objective

  • To annually put on the housing market significant numbers of quality homes
  • To promote the culture of living in organized estates, free of slums
  • To participate vigorously in giving Ilorin and Nigeria a face of orderliness
  • To build affordable houses in form of mid-rise flats to cater for the squatter community in the cities, utilizing condominium style property
  • To develop and implement an effective and sustainable management and maintenance system for community facilities and services
  • To enable and attract Nigerians in Diaspora to own houses back in Nigeria, in well-planned estates without hitch and delay
  • To make profits and create a revolving fund so as to reinvest in the expansion and continuous improvement of the estates

Our Strengths

  • A well-thought out concept, where clients participate in the development of quality homes on pocket friendly terms.
  • Ownership of large chunks of squatter free land in Ilorin, the Capital city of Kwara State.
  • A highly committed and visionary Board of Directors comprised of both international and Nigerian professionals of high integrity and diverse experience.