How to Apply

Step 1. Complete our Application Form

This application provides us with your basic personal information as well as employment and contact information. The information you provide is kept confidential and is used to assess your basic eligibility to purchase one of our homes. The Purchase Application can be completed online, or you may print out the application from our website, and mail it to us. Please note: This Purchase Application is not your credit application. If you require mortgage financing, the lending bank will require additional information from you in order to make an approval of your home loan.

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For a detailed list of the type of information your bank, or our preferred lenders, will usually require to assess and approve a mortgage, please click HERE.

Step 2. Speak to our sales agent and request a Purchase Agreement Package

Once your Purchase Application is received by us, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted within 10 days by one of our sales agents to determine your specific requirements and answer any questions you have about purchasing one of our homes. If you desire, the agent can schedule an appointment with you or your representative to tour our model homes and construction site. If you are seriously interested in purchasing one of our homes after you speak with our sales agent, the agent will then prepare a Sales Agreement Package for you. There is a N20,000 or $150 USD processing fee for the Purchase Agreement Package. The package will contain Offer Letter with the exact pricing and terms for the specific model and lot you have requested. Legacy Homes and Properties, Ltd. does not provide financing for our homes, however, we will assist you with the necessary paperwork that your bank may require, or put you in contact with one of our preferred lenders.

Step 3. Review and sign your Purchase Agreement then return it with the required deposit

Once you receive your Purchase Agreement Package, you and your attorney should thoroughly review the information, including the Purchase Agreement. You will need to sign the agreement and return it to us with the necessary deposit and credit information. Upon clearance of your deposit, your lot will be officially reserved for you. If you do not get approved for adequate financing at this stage by your lender, your deposit is normally refundable. Upon approval by your lender, or verification of funds (if you are making a cash purchase), construction will be scheduled. Once construction begins, your deposit is not refundable. Completion times for each house ranges from 6 to 12 months depending on the model, optional features you select, and payment method. We will schedule periodic inspection visits to your new home so you can personally examine the progress while it is being built. When the home nears completion, settlement and a final inspection will be scheduled with your lender. Once settlement occurs and final payment is received, your purchase is complete and you will take possession and start enjoying your new home!

Be sure to click HERE to go over our Mortgage Requirements

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